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    Welcome to Tactical Civilian Training. We believe that by giving you the knowledge and training to protect yourself, we can help create a safer community for everyone. Our goal is to make you a confident, responsible gun owner and concealed carry permit holder.  Located conveniently in Independence Mo. We have a comfortable, modern classroom and use a private indoor range which means we don't have to worry about weather or outside distractions and can focus on your training.

    Already have your CCW? Great,  but how comfortable are you with your handgun skills? Our Advanced CCW takes a closer look at how we carry, how to get to the gun when we need to (drawing techniques), High risk decision making, low light and shooting on the move.

    Maybe you'd just like to be a little more accurate at the range. Our Basic Handgun Training I class will increase your understanding of different kinds of handguns and how they operate and show you how to get your shots on target everytime.

    The Basic Handgun Training II class will take you to the next level of accuracy. This class is for those who are comfortable with their gun handling skills and want to get more rounds on target. These classes are individualized, and kept small in class size to focus attention on you.

    My name is Phil,  and as lead instructor I take from my experience in the military and Police training to give you as much information as possible, using real world situations and scenarios.   My goal is to give you the skills you need to protect yourself and your family, in the easiest way to understand and apply.

   We offer training for everyone regardless of skill level. From Basic Handgun  Training and Missouri Concealed Carry classes to more comprehensive training for advanced shooters, we have a class to fit your handgun training needs and schedule!

    Serious information in a fun, interesting and interactive format. Questions, answers and converstaion. We don't talk at you, we teach. Check our Programs and Classes page to find a class that fits you!

Missouri CCW

Must be at least 21 years old and a resident of Missouri for the Missouri Concealed Carry class. Teenagers welcome with parents for the Basic Handgun class.

If an individual has ever been convicted, or is currently charged with any felony do not enroll in a firearms class. The same goes if an individual has been convicted or is currently charged with a misdemeanor crime of violence, domestic assault, or any crime against a child

We are constantly advancing our knowledge and training, so should you!